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Last week I wrote a debate article of approximately 9000 spaces length, sent it to Expressen, the biggest Swedish evening newspaper, they asked it to be shortened to 3500 spaces, and then it got published. YAH. Why? They probably get 20-40 proposals a day. Well, I guess a lot of those other ones are negativist angry pieces, that there are too many off in these crazy days. So what did we propose?
1) Close all schools immediately. Even though kids do not get very sick, they do catch the virus and do spread it. Kids of parents with key jobs exempt of course…

2) massive testing to isolate cases (a no brainer, still people are arguing against it, scary)

3) fever scanning, to further target testing of anyone with typical symptoms

4) continued social distancing over many months to come, no shaking hands, meetings at a distance.

Pretty straight forward.

Read it here:


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