SARS-Cov-2 – COVID-19 national responses, China solved it in six weeks   Leave a comment

I am following the COVID-19 development carefully, partly for personal reasons, partly as a curious scientist with sometimes an epidemiological mindset. Today, 12th March 2020, we received the news that Trump blocks travel from Europe, except the UK, to avoid importing COVID-19 cases to the country. At the same time, the domestic response is apalling.

China, on the other hand, took drastic measures on the 23rd January, and now, about six weeks later, they have almost NO NEW CASES in the country. Because they acted.

Taiwan also took very drastic measures very quickly. When I checked today, they have 49 confirmed cases and one death. Their approach was well described here:

Also the containment of cases in Singapore was exceptional.

But when it comes to Europe, it takes 10000 cases in Italy for the country to react.

Seems we need to take three measures:
1) No shaking hands

2) Disinfect your hands regularly

3) Don’t meet if you really don’t need to

4) Use mask when in public places. This measure has not been popular because scientists claim it isnt proven it works. Well, it seems to have worked in China, in combination with measures 1-3… So why not? It might not be important for the individual, but perhaps for the population.

OK, I am ready to hybernate if necessary, but will do so reaching out by blogging and perhaps VLOGGING 🙂

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