COVID-19 reduces the number of scientific meetings, shall we meet virtually?   Leave a comment

Not a single blogpost since 2015. Shame on me. BUT, now it is time to come alive again. The focus of this blog will be on Extracellular Vesicles (EV: exosomes, microvesicles and beyond). Just recently, a lecture of mine on the topic of EV diversity was posted on youtube, and you can see it here:

There is so much to discuss around extracellular vesicle research right now. We are starting to understand their diversity, even if they come from a single cell, and there are likely to be many subpopulations of vesicles released from cells by different mechanisms, and with different biological function. EV are also becoming important clinically, with a lot of biomarker discovery being presented, and clinical medicines being developed soon to be tested in patients.

What is exceptionally important is that we maintain communicating within the scientific community. I was invited to the AACR meeting in San Diego in April to give an educational lecture. Now the meeting is “postponed” ( Further, an ISEV.ORG workshop coming up very soon in Paris is postponed. I just think we should meet and talk, and if travel and other factors prevents us to meet face-to-face, let’s just meet on the internet.

I will soon set up my youtube channel, where I will discuss EVs in general, but hopefully also interview people about their science and development of EV research. Stay tuned!




Posted March 11, 2020 by Jan Lötvall in Uncategorized

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