The Presidential Opening of the 30th EAACI congress in Istanbul 2011   Leave a comment

It has been great to be the President of EAACI, and it was a pleasure of opening the 3oth congress, acknowledging the long efforts in immunotherapy by Professor Bill Frankland (Albert William Frankland), and awarding Gabrielle Pauli, Tony Frew (Anthony J Frew), Erika von Mutius and Gianni Marone.

Here is a movie of my opening words, and below the scribble that I had on my iPad to remember what to say…



Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guest, dear colleagues,

I warmly welcome you to the 30th congress of the european academy of allergy and clinical immunology in Istanbul.

One word that comes to mind INSPIRATION

to stand here in front of you all.

YOU the closest friends

YOU   the body and soul of EAACI,

YOUR presence here  makes EAACI great.

ACTUALLY the purpose congress is INSPIRATION

Inspired by each others

By leader – to interact

Most importan YOUNG scientists

There are several individuals especially acknowledge for developing the EAACI congress.

Ömer and turkey team

Cezmi, christian, lars paulsen

The hq susanne congrex team


exactly 100 years ago

10th 1911, Leonard Noon the Lancet.

EAACI is celebrating many ways

the scientific programme, plenary session, events and schools

Today, special day

We will present the Noon Award.

Once only

A process of nomination and voting:

One of the most inspirational individuals in the field of allergy ever, a past secretary general of eaaci, a past president of eaaci, our grandfather of allergy, who published the first controlled study in immunotherapy.

Who am i talking about? Of course a person that himself is turning 100 years old next year, Professor William Frankland.


true inspiration to us all,

true allergist,

grew your own allergens in the early days. You built the base of our specialty,

for this we will be thankful for ever.

The Noon award to Bill Frankland

I must say that just handing over this award was an honour in itself

Four EAACI awards every year

Other inspirations

Four exceptional individuals

gabrielle pauli

Anthony frew

Erika von mutius

Gianni marone

Walking up

Gp Clements von pirquet mol allergol

Ajf charles blackley backbone built much activities EDUCATION and SPECIALTY

erika vM leading epidemiologist, hygene hypothesis

gian Mar mast cell biology naples 2002

Big hand to awardees


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